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What Is Self-Love to You?

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When you can control yourself and not get aggravated and emotionally invested over things that would normally piss you off, like a stupid boy in your life or a party planning gone wrong, that is powerful. Thinking about the situation you’re in is important, because you’ll realize you can handle problems without overacting or bringing your emotions into it. It will make you realize that certain situations aren’t worth getting the best of you and your peace.

Getting comfortable handling situations like this will help you to deal with even bigger ones. You will be able to manage yourself and stress much more easily, especially if you are incorporating things in your life that are stress relievers as well.  Engage in activities, art, creating, exercising etc. Mastering this will make you a much happier and healthier person.

This also goes the other way around.  If someone in your life is causing unnecessary drama, isn’t supporting you like you would them, making you feel uncomfortable, then ditch ’em. I’ve had to break away from people I never thought I would, but let me tell you, you will feel 100 pounds lighter. It’s not easy and people often feel bad for doing so, I get it. But at the same time WHY are you surrounding yourself with people that aren’t respecting you, supporting you, and loving you for you!!

Life is too short for that, and there’re so many other people out there that will love you as a friend or as a lover.

Respect yourself enough to do this for you. You won’t regret it.

a woman who put her phone down and is now reading a book


If you are someone who constantly scrolls through Instagram, it’s easy to get lost in that illusory world.  The majority of last year, I was confused and sad. But if you took a look at my Instagram, you would have never guessed.

There are always going to be people out there that are better looking than you, more successful, more desirable and that’s just life!  It’s important to fully understand that, especially when scrolling through the ‘gram.

There’s a lot on the internet that can stress you out or make you feel less than.

Instead pick up a book and read a story, educate yourself on a topic, or find something mindless and entertaining.

Scrolling on your phone makes you more impatient and creates the need for instant satisfaction.  Reading will reverse this, making you more patient, and, hello, this helps A LOT with what I was talking about earlier!

Escape that world and into another, read something to benefit you and your life.


No one is perfect, and we all have crap days.  That’s ok.  It’s important to realize it, accept it and move passed it.

Do your best to be a good person to yourself and others.

Congratulate yourself on small wins, and on overcoming obstacles you thought you could never get passed.

Think about what truly makes you happy and do more of that.

What is self love to you?  Be true to yourself and don’t feel like you need to change for people to like you.

With Love,