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Recent Favorites Spring 2021

Recent Favorites
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Over the past few months, I’ve stumbled upon some fabulous finds, from fashion to beauty to lifestyle. I’m in love with all of these recent favorites, and instead of being selfish and keeping them to myself, I decided to share.

Recent Favorite number 1: chunky headband

My first recent favorite item is a chunky headband. They dress up a basic knit or long sleeve perfectly.  They’re such a feminine statement piece that adds an extra “umf” when you don’t feel like getting dressed up. I love the Prada designs, as they are the ones who started this trendy accessory, as well as the Fendi print paired with a black long sleeve turtleneck, *chefs kiss*.

recent favorite number 2: cire trudon

Cire Trudon candles are for sure a recent favorite. These babies are pricey, but I have a sick candle obsession, so there’s that. I love them so much because of the history behind them as well. They are the oldest candle makers in the world, dating back to 1643. They made scents for the French Royal court and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Madurai is my favorite scent. It is blended with Ylang Ylang and Jasmine.  I love anything, Jasmine. It is such a beautiful scent, so sophisticated and mature yet sexy and so welcoming.  Highly recommend, and make for an excellent gift for someone who likes the finer things in life.

Recent Favorites

recent favorite number 3: ruslan baginsky

I’ve been loving hats, specifically Ruslan Baginskiy hats.  This Ukrainian designer basically became an overnight success, after sending his ‘Baker Boy’ hat to an editorial shoot with Bella Hadid. She posted a picture of herself in the hat on Instagram, now Ruslan Baginsky is seen all over the fashion sites. 

The quality and the styles are beautiful. They have fedoras, sun hats, biker hats and so much more. I picked up this black one with the gold chain. I love the detail and look of it. It gives me YSL vibesss.

recent favorite number 4: Pique Tea

I have been a tea lover for a long time now. I am always trying new ones to find the best. I have a few solid picks, and this Pique tea hibiscus organic beauty elixir is one of them.  This hibiscus tea is packed with vitamin c, essential for building more collagen in the deeper layers of your skin. It is loaded with antioxidants, specifically Myricetin. Myricetin prevents the enzymes in your skin that “chew up” your collagen and elastin as we age. How amazing is that? This is a proper beauty concoction here.

 The best part about Pique teas is that they are crystals, they come in a pack, and you mix it with hot water and baddah big baby. You don’t have to worry about a tea bag and waiting for it to brew blah blah blah. They are highly concentrated, and the way they’re sourced is up to the highest standards, which makes this superior to other tea brands. You can read all about this on their site.

On a real note, by itself, it’s kind of meh. They don’t add any extra sugar or anything. It’s straight-up potent tea, which is what you want. I squeeze half a lemon in there to make it tastier.

Recent Favorites
Recent Favorites

recent favorite number 3: FREderica tosi

I’ve been loving these gold earrings and their shape. They’re the newest pair to my jewelry box  Federica Tosi, an Italian jewelry designer. I am in love with how these look and will look amazing on everyone. I highly suggest checking them out. They’re a trending piece, but also a timeless piece.
Spring Recent Favorites


My next favorite is Christian Dior Jasmin Des Anges hand soap. If you’re reading this right now, go to their website and buy it. TRUST ME. This scent is so juicy and feminine. You will have your nose in your palms after you’ve washed your hands with this soap. It is so delicious. Everyone who uses it in my guest bath immediately becomes obsessed. Perfect for spring/summer!

With Love,