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Recent Favorites

Recent Favorites Spring 2021

Over the past few months, I’ve stumbled upon some fabulous finds, from fashion to beauty to lifestyle. I’m in love with all of these recent favorites, and instead of being selfish and keeping them to myself, I decided to share.

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valentines day roses being held in a hand

V-Day Gifts For Her

Valentine’s Day is the day of love, but diamonds in the mix doesn’t hurt. If you need some tips on what to get your woman or you need to hint to your significant other about what you would like, these are some amazing V-day gifts for her or you!

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Cozy Wintertime Essentials

Wintertime is approaching here in New York City, and I want to share my most loved items for winter that I cannot live without! I can assure you; you will love and enjoy these cozy wintertime essentials just as much as I do!

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4 Best Luxury Fall Candles

Candles are the ultimate mood setter, essential house décor, and perfect gift! When it comes to the holidays the smell of the season filled throughout your home is magical. Look no further because these are the best luxury fall candles for your home.

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What Is Self-Love to You?

What is self love to you? We hear about it often, but self-love is not always easy to take on. Stress and heavy emotions are something we face almost every day. This can really take a toll on your health if not managed properly.

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a wine glass filled with glitter

5 Ways To Manage During Quarantine

By June, I thought this would have blown over and we would be enjoying our summer like usual.  Well I was sadly mistaken.  Between all the lives lost to Covid-19 and then the killing of an innocent black man in Minnesota, causing riots and protests all over.  It’s a LOT.

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a black candle making a house smell like home

Candles: How to Make Your House Smell Like Home

There is something about candles burning that brings such calmness and relaxation to an environment.  They create a cozier state wherever they’re placed.  But there is nothing worse than being in a room with cheap overly heavy scented candles.  I think quality is a must, and all the ones listed below are just that.  

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