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5 Ways To Manage During Quarantine

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By June, I thought this would have blown over and we would be enjoying our summer like usual.  Well I was sadly mistaken.  Between all the lives lost to Covid-19 and then the killing of an innocent black man in Minnesota, causing riots and protests all over.  It’s a LOT.

I will not get political because that is not my focus for this blog, but what happened to George Floyd and others is disgusting and embarrassing in this day and age.

Justice must be served.  We are all human, and we all differ in many ways.  That is the beauty of it.   There is a lot of sadness, stress and uncertainty in the world, and it’s time we work together and actually act upon it, not just say it.   Things will get better and then new issues will arise.  It is a never-ending cycle.

I encourage anyone reading this to do something kind for someone today or pay them a compliment. I know it sounds cheesy, but you never know what people are dealing with and you can change someone’s day with a kind word and offer them a new perspective.

I’ve come up with a list of things to help combat some stress and anxiety.  Little things you do for yourself  every day to help with stress or make yourself feel good is so important and you should never feel guilty for doing it.


Whether you are mad or stressed about something, taking a walk outside can help calm and relax you.  Sometimes walking away from a situation can change your mind and make you look at things from a new perspective.  Putting things on pause for you to collect yourself is important so you can avoid saying something you’ll regret.  Getting up in the morning and going for a walk first thing can help positively impact your day.  Put on music that will put you in a good mood, get your blood flowing and get some fresh air.


Add or subtract things from your living space to make you feel more comfortable and Zen.  My surroundings have a huge impact on my mood.  If I’m in a dirty unorganized space, I will not be as happy as I would be if I were in a clean, tidy space.  Switching things around and letting your creativity come out can easily put you in a more positive mood.  Order some candles or a pair of new slippers and replace your old throw rug with a new one.  You don’t need to spend a whole lot.. Amazon has great affordable options, or, if you want to splurge, you do you boo boo.


I know it’s hard to sit yourself down sometimes and read.  I go through phases myself.  Sometimes I will read a book every day and finish it and then not pick up another for a month or so.

It’s hard for me to pay attention sometimes  My mind wanders off to la la land, but I noticed reading helps me stay more focused.  It’s a fact that if you read more you will be able to focus better on things.  Constantly buried in our cell phones, we lose that focus for instant gratification.

We click then scroll to the next because we get bored so easily.  Not only is it ruining the way we interact, but it’s not helping our focus one bit.  Reading is the only way to reverse that loss of attention span.

I promise if you find a good book and get lost in a subject you’re into or a story you can’t put down, it becomes addicting.  It’s a great way to learn, entertain yourself and allows you take a break from the world and escape into another.  Go get a blanket and a cup of tea and start reading!

These are the most recent ones I finished and enjoyed:  Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson, and The Skincare Bible by Dr Anjail Mahto


Cooped up all the time,  a lot of people are cooking more, including myself.  As much as I love going out to dinner, I also love to stay home and cook.  Cooking can be therapeutic and allows you to exercise your creativity.

Instead of looking at it as a chore, try to perfect it like a craft.  Like I said you don’t need to be a professional.  Pinterest has some of the easiest recipes and they come out amazing.

There are so many options to choose from like casseroles (my fave) soups, pasta, dessert, cocktails (also my fave) and so much more.  It’s fun to get creative.  Besides, who doesn’t love to eat, impress their partner or themselves.  Bon appétit!

spoons with various spices used to cook up your soul food during quarantine


Stretching not only helps improve flexibility, but also relives stress.  Most people carry stress in their muscles, causing them to tighten up.   Stretching allows you to become less tense and less stressed.  It also increases blood flow and allows nutrients to flow more smoothly throughout the body.  You will feel more energized and invigorated after a proper stretch.

Youtube a morning 10 min yoga video or bedtime yoga, I promise this will make you feel so much better.

With Love,